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    Welcome to the new generation of mobile free to play Demolition Derby games


    Released in 2016 on mobile platforms,

    Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena is a brutal, fast paced, intense and fun arena game where you must destroy all your opponents in unique and surprising environments.

    Join the battle now !

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    Your opponents are waiting for you in the arena !

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  • Features

    Extreme Gear Demolition Arena provide a top quality gaming experience

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    Advanced Destruction System

    Destroy engines, break gearboxes, lose wheels and deform the car bodies of your opponents !

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    Multiplayer & Live leaderboard

    Beat your friends scores and ramp up the leaderboard to become

    the online champion of the

    World Destruction Leaderboard !

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    Car Customization & Upgrades

    Buy a car, customize it and upgrade it to rivalize with your opponents !

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    Fun Arcade Gameplay

    Choose your control mode and experience instant fun thanks to arcade gameplay !

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    Awesome Rock Soundtrack

    We have chosen the best of Rock soundtracks and worked with artists like D.N.Antz and CRuDY to deliver incredible sound experience.

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    Free to Play

    Download the game and try it now !

  • Articles & Reviews

    What's the press say ? (Some articles have been translated to English)


    "Extreme Gear delivers where it really counts: Making smashy. The driving physics are great, and the damage system is especially good with all sorts of dynamic stuff that can affect your car both visually and physically. I've already had tons of genuine laugh out loud moments with either a spectacular crash or crazy pileup of vehicles, making the game worth the price of admission already. "


    "Buckle up and go pedal to the metal, you'll love it !"


    "Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena from Zero Games Studios puts speed and greed together with awesome action and a worldwide leaderboard for you to reign supreme."


    "If Destruction Derby makes you feel nostalgic and make you smile, check out Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena"

    Rated : 4/5


    "You like demolish cars? So Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena is for you!
    Twist steel, lose your wheels, brake your engine and your gearbox. With such arcade gameplay and spectacular crashes, the tone is set."


    Rated : 8/10


    "Extreme Gear: Demolition Arenas recalls the classic car game called Destruction Derby on your DOS computer and offer the same entertainment on your mobile devices."

    Rated : 4/5


    "For those who have a blast on Wednesday morning, well, load the new Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena game."


    " The game works surprisingly well and provide good entertainment. "

    Rated : 4/5


    Rated : 86%

  • Partners & Publishers

    They helped us during development of Extreme Gear Demolition Arena or for the release.

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    Game Engine Provider

  • Support

    If you experience any problems about Extreme Gear, send us an email describing your issues. We will contact you as soon as possible and try to resolve it as fast as possible.

    You can also contact us (and like the game) on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and suscribe to our Youtube channel for latest videos about the game !

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